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When Did Paul Pierce Become a Clown?

As a kid growing up, I loved Paul Pierce. I mean, how could you not? He was one of the greatest scorers the Celtics ever had. He was the captain of the team and even won a ring. He had the greatest nickname of all time: “The Truth.” I mean, the guy was a living legend, who gave the Celtics so many great years and stuck with them even when they were god-awful. However, as of recent, my feelings towards Pierce have completely deteriorated and rightfully so.

This all started back around a year ago when Pierce was on an ESPN pregame show with Jalen Rose (another absolute moron, but beside the point) and a few others. The show was before an NBA Finals game, so naturally, Pierce was asked about the now infamous, “wheelchair game,” that I’m sure you all know about. As a kid, I vividly remember how amazing that moment was. Watching Pierce come back into the arena through the tunnel, much to the delight of the ground, and put the team on his back, when only moments earlier it seemed like the season was lost. I’m not gonna go so far to say that it was at that moment that I fell in love with basketball, but clearly it was a pretty fucking dope moment.

Anyways, last year Pierce went on this stupid pregame show only to say that he was taken out on a wheelchair cause he needed to “use the bathroom” cause “something went down.” I mean, Jesus Christ, Paul, what the fuck did you eat before the game? Like, did you go seafood from one of those shitty vendors in Quincy Market before the game? How does this happen??

This all went down about a year ago at this point, so you might be wondering: why are you writing a blog about this today? Well, that is because Pierce was asked to name his top five players of all time today on decided that it was best to leave LeBron out. I hate LeBron as much as the next guy, but c’mon the guy is clearly top five all time.

I don’t know if this is some sort of effort by Pierce to claim that he’s rivals with James or what, but anyone who knows NBA basketball knows that’s not the case. When Pierce beat LeBron, LeBron was young and had crappy teammates. Despite all of this, LeBron still made “The Finals” before Pierce did. It took Pierce to get the best shooter and the best defensive player of his generation in order to take down LeBron and even that didn’t last for too long.

Both of these events have completely ruined how I think about Pierce. No more do I see him as this Celtic great, worthy of having his numbers in the rafters with Russell, Cowens, and Bird. He is now nothing more than an attention-seeking athlete who continues to set himself up to get ripped on so he remains relevant.

Don’t believe me? Let’s just taking a second to look at the jacket the guy wore

to his own number retirement ceremony...

I mean, c’mon this is the ugliest jacket I’ve ever seen, even if it is Celtic green.

All I want from Paul is to get off fucking ESPN. Like, go, coach, like Bird did or become a GM like Ainge. The more Pierce stays on network TV, the more he will lie to his fans and to himself and that’s the damn truth.

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