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The Last Tour

Fresh off of the ten-part documentary series “The Lance Dance,” comes a much more controversial ESPN documentary about Lance Armstrong. Now, I know next to nothing about Lance Armstrong, other than the fact that he won a lot of Tour de Frances, had cancer, raised a lot of money, and used steroids. So for me, this documentary has a lot of potential if done correctly.

When I first heard the announcement of this documentary, I couldn’t help but think that the purpose of the doc was to save Lance’s reputation by making viewers feel bad for the guy and by reminding viewers of all the “good things” that Lance has done.

However, after seeing the trailer during a commercial break last Sunday, I was surprised to hear that this might not be the case. By including small parts of interviews by people who are clearly sick of all of Lance’s bullshit, ESPN did a great job of communicating that they weren’t gonna be a platform whose goal is to help Lance save his reputation.

Now, as many are aware, I am not the biggest fan of ESPN (just check out my Tom Brady & ESPN documentary blog ​here), but this trailer was able to convince me that this documentary might go against the typical ESPN narrative, which is to allow people like Lance to save their reputations just so the company can make some revenue.

Ultimately, what I want from this documentary is a fair and honest telling of events and not some weak attempt to brainwash me. Granted, since I know next to nothing on this topic, I, like many other sports fans who normally could care less about cycling, will be relying upon self-proclaimed “Twitter experts” to tell me who’s lying and who’s telling the truth.

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