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My First Take on Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith is perhaps among the most annoying characters in the sporting world. I mean, the guy is downright annoying and will do anything to get a view: including making a fool out of himself. The man is an outright joke. Nonetheless, every once in a while, the stars align and the he’s able to string together some words and pull together some rational, coherent points. That happened yesterday.

On “First Take” yesterday, Smith was asked who will be the next big star in the NBA along with Luka Dončić, to which he responded with what is perhaps the most beautiful name that could be uttered, “RJ Barrett.”

Just kidding. He said “Jason Tatum.” The fact that you believed me there just reiterates the fact that I was mentioning above: Stephen A. Smith is a fucking joke.

However, Stephen A.’s answer made a lot of sense, so let’s give him some credit. Ever since Tatum entered the league, he’s taken it by STORM. I mean, the guy started his very first game in the NBA on a Celtics team that was STACKED coming into the 2017-2018 season. He’s consistently improved year after year and even showed that he could be the top dog on a talented NBA team this season. The sky is truly the limit for Tatum and Smith’s prediction is absolutely correct.

Still, some NBA fans were furious with Smith’s prediction, claiming that Zion or Trae Young would have been the better answer. To those fans, I say, that you are a victim of the “House of Highlights effect”. You just believe whatever the fuck Omar (or whatever the guy’s name is) posts on social media. Take some time and analyze the footage, like Stephen A. definitely did.

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