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"Man in the Arena": The Brady Doc Flop

Today, ESPN came out with a trailer for a brand-new documentary coming out in 2021, titled “Man in the Arena: Tom Brady.” After I first heard this news and watched the trailer, I couldn’t be more excited and rightfully so. ESPN’s latest documentary “The Last Dance” was amazing and considering Tom Brady is (no exaggeration) the greatest and the biggest Boston athlete of all-time, on the surface this documentary looks like it will be an absolute banger.

However, the more I think about this documentary, the more disappointed I get. The first major issue that I have with this documentary is that it’s with ESPN. ESPN was largely responsible for so much of the fake news and lies that were spread during the whole “Deflategate saga,” so Brady allowing this documentary to be on the network that ruined his reputation is disheartening to me.

In addition, this documentary is all about an NFL player who has yet to retire. It makes zero sense. Like shouldn’t these come out two decades after you retire, as was the case with the Jordan documentary??? I mean, Brady just joined a new team that he hopes to win another Super Bowl with, so shouldn’t he wait on this documentary, so his days in Tampa Bay can be covered? However, I guess this thought-process hinges on the presumption that Brady thinks that his time in Tampa Bay will add to his legacy, not diminish it, as I strongly believe.

My last and probably biggest critique of this documentary is that it’s only about Brady. While I would agree that Brady is the baddest motherfucker on the planet, nobody is more important than the team. Hell, when Brady announced that he was leaving the Pats just a few months ago (yes, we were in quarantine then happened) he posted a video emphasizing that very same message. If Brady really agrees with the video he posted, then shouldn’t this documentary be about the teams, not just Brady???

With all this being said, I will be watching this documentary, but just as I won’t be rooting for Brady next season, I could care less if this documentary succeeds.

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