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Hang a Banner! Leafs Hope to Play First Ever Game past May

As Elliotte Freidman and Chris Johnston have reported, the NHL is considering a 24 team playoff if the season were to continue. The rest of the regular season would be canceled and 12 teams from each conference would make the playoffs, with the 5-12 seeds in each conference playing in a play-in round.

Bruins coach, Bruce Cassidy came out against the plan, saying that someone will get screwed by the plan.

I couldn’t disagree more. I’d pay any amount of money to see the Bruins find a new, funnier way to beat the Maple Leafs in the first round again. Wanna guess the last time the Leafs beat the Bruins in the playoffs?

NINETEEN FIFTY NINE. 61 Fucking years ago. Hope I did that math right. Not gonna lie, it had me doing mental gymnastics; who knows what fucking year it is anymore?

The B’s have won the last six series against Toronto, all in hilarious fashion, with the peak including a three goal comeback in the third period of game seven. Look, not everyone has the clutch gene that Boston sports seem to always have, but seriously, how the actual fuck do you lose three game sevens in a row.

Had the season gone on as planned, the Bruins likely would’ve played the Hurricanes or the Blue Jackets and yes, I do remember the Bruins playoff run last year. I’m by no means afraid of either team and I’d love another chance to antagonize the “city” of Columbus again on Twitter. At this point, another championship would be great, but the number one priority in my life is to watch the Bruins break the hearts of the asshole Leafs fans standing in the middle of a fucking square in Toronto for absolutely no reason (yes I’m jealous, shut up).

I’m aware that the first four seeds in each conference have to play each other for seeding, but if there’s any team that could come back from a two month suspended season unphased, it’s the B’s.

With that said, if the Bruins have to play the capitals in the seeding round, they’re gonna get murdered and this playoff system is bullshit. How dare you change the playoffs and act like the regular season didn’t matter?

The only thing that can remedy a two month long quarantine and make life seem normal again is the worst franchise in the NHL finding a new way to lose. Again.

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