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First Half Recap: The Match

Alright, so we are at the halfway point in the first major sporting event we’ve had in months, so let’s get right into it...

Despite the fact that he is losing, Tom Brady is still absolutely stealing the show. Twitter was loving how GOD AWFUL Brady is at golf for the first six holes, but then came hole seven. With Chuck in his ear trash-talking, Brady hit what is the shot of the competition thus far, putting a ball in from deep out. Just another reminder to never doubt the GOAT.

Nonetheless, Peyton and Tiger are dominating. Peyton is proving that he doesn’t need to be carried whatsoever, even winning a couple of holes for the duo. Tiger on the other hand, clearly knows this course super well, as it is his home course after all. Sparing an all-time choke, they should be able to pull out on top of this one.

The second half of this competition should be much more interesting, due to the fact that partners will need to alternate shots. Anything can happen, but I’m predicting Manning and Woods will win this one. Stay tuned!

First Half Awards

Winners: ​Peyton and Tiger

Neutral:​ Brady

Losers:​ Phil and Charles Barkley

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