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Dave Portnoy Liked Our Content

What a day for 105 Sports Talk! For those not aware by now, Dave Portnoy (aka El Presidente) of Barstool Sports tweeted today “Did the Simpsons predict​ @barstoolsports​ rise to power?,” along with an image that was originally taken (and posted) by Amac of 105 Sports Talk. Here’s the image for those who have yet to see it:

Now Dave (aka Davey Pageviews) did not tag us or anything of that sort in his post, which caused a bit of a riot on Twitter today, as you can see by some of the replies to Dave’s tweet below:

However, I think for the most part the people angry at Dave (aka Davey Day Trader) have little reason to be. I mean, he is Dave fucking Portnoy, he basically invented the internet. In addition, the photo was posted by Amac in response to a series of Barstool tweets on Sunday, with the intention that it would be seen by someone at Barstool (nevermind the king of it).

The people that I take the most issue with are all the fucking haters on Twitter, that seemed to think that Amac didn’t find this Simpsons prediction to begin with or that we photoshopped our reply to Dave’s tweet. Please enjoy a reply to one of them below:

Ultimately, I think I speak on behalf of all of 105 Sports Talk to say that we hope that this isn’t the last time we get to interact with Dave and the rest of the Barstool Sports team. As Stoolies, we are happy to contribute to Barstool’s content in any capacity (even in a small capacity like we did here) and we can’t wait to keep enjoying their content down the road.

P.S. Did “The Simpsons” predict the word “simp” too??

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